Saturday, 3 March 2012

Style Obsession: Georgina Chapman of Marchesa

Her Look "I began as a costume designer, so fancy is my normal," says the exuberant Marchesa creator, 31.
Favourite Things Exotic earrings, vintage dresses, leather jackets and coats of all kinds-"from embroidered chiffon to Topshop."
Her Influences "I love India. The colors and the embroideries are so vibrant. It's inspiring to go to a country that still retains a national way of dressing."
Former Looks "I went through lots of phases when I was younger-skateboarder, gothic, Madonna, hippie-before falling for Rajasthani garb."
Quirks "I'm a hoarder. I never purge."
Trend spotting "We all get seduced by trends, and even sometimes even I succumb. But if you don't test the boundaries of taste, you don't learn."
Thrill Seeker "everything I design is stuff I wear in my dreams," says Chapman.
BEST ADVICE "I'm a great believer in overdressing. I'd rather enjoy what I have on than wear a dull uniform."
Accessory Obsession "I can't live without them; I'm almost always in a heel," says Chapman.
Text from InStyle magazine, July 2008. fabulous EVERYDAY written by Hal Rubenstein 
I am crazy over Marchesa's clothes, which seem like a dream brought to life. Here are some pics from the Fall 2012 RTW collection!!