Friday, 16 March 2012

Sana Safinaz Lawn 2012

As Sana Safinaz gets geared up for their Lawn to hit all the outlets everyone is on board the Sana  Safina train. The prints this year were gorgeous, Sana Safinaz is consistent to their look season to season while keeping it fresh with new trends. In this collection we see short shirts creaping back, what everyone is dreading, but in a very stylish way. I love the short tunics over churi-tangs. We  also see that Churi-tangs are still very in. The long flowing pieces are also wonderful. Many are left wondering if many of the pieces are actually Lawn! Guddu Shani has shown what great photographers they are with this shoot. I love the concept of the shoot, complete luxury and decadence. I know many people are disputed over the concept but I love the idea of trains. I mean come on if you have been in Pakistan you have great memories of travelling by train at least once. The social divide seen in including the khuli's in the shoot I do not think was intentional. But past the shoot, I love the clothes and I hope Sana Safinaz keeps it coming!