Monday, 5 March 2012

Sana Safinaz Lawn Becoming the Most Awaited of the Season

 As the days to the Summer 2012 Sana Safinaz Lawn release narrow pre-orders are stacking up and woman are getting ready to stock up. This preview has me gushing the outfits are amazing as ever, I especially love the blue sari, Their ad campaign has a lot more thought involved this year as well, I especially love the models kundan earrings, they have me swooning. The suits look like anything but lawn; opulent, elegant, and modern. It occurs to me that as I sit here writing about lawn and these beautiful bright clothes for Spring/Summer 2012 there is a blizzard covering the town in snow. Oh how I wish I was in Pakistan, where it actually feels like summer, here in Canada it seems like we will never see the end of snow.
Catch me as I fall! I need this sari!!!
I see beaded sleeves are catching on, especially after Sharmeen's Oscar outfit. Regardless this suit looks so opulent I would have never guessed it was lawn.

 Heres some more from the HSY summer 2012 Lawn collection, I think me and A are due for one of the matching mens and woman lawn suits. I am still wishing HSY would have used brighter colours, kind of makes me miss his lawn from last year.