Sunday, 8 January 2012

Chanel for Maharaja's and Maharani's

We were over ecstatic with the recent 2012 pre-fall fashion show for Chanel, that was held in Paris, the Chanel Metiers d'Arts show. Lagerfeld drew inspiration from the indian subcontinent. This inspiration made this our favourite collection from Chanel. Dramatic jewellery, luxurious silks, over the top embroideries, beautiful sandals, and indo-inspired cuts merged with Chanel to create inspiring pieces. We absolutely loved the Churitung(traditional tight silk pants), Kurta inspired tops, metallic sandals/bags, Indian inspired jewellery, bright colours, and how Karl Lagerfeld gave the collection a undeniable Chanel look. Being of a Pakistani origin living in the west we are constantly mixing east with west in our lives. Whether it be in decoration, food, parties, or fashion we constantly want to acknowledge where we grew up and where we are tied to by heritage. This collection is the perfect mixture of east and west.

The Collection by S:

I absolutley loved these six beautifally tailored and draped pieces, they screamed Chanel. Pairing them with Churitung-esqe pants and over the top jewelry gave it the perfect look. I also adored the black and white, signature Chanel, knee high boots with the jeweled designs.
The left and right sweaters and scarf were to die for, I absolutely loved the beading in the bright green and pink. The black and white piece was gorgeous, as well, the sweater had a look that said effortlesy stylish. The skirt was the perfect color and cut and the bag was tres stylish, the mirrored details made the pieces magnificent.

This look was one of my favourites. It looked luxe, modern, over the top, and polished all at the same time. I absolutely loved the gold leaf details and again the Churitung inspired pants. I want the sandals and leg gear really badly! Dare I look at the price tag though.
Being raised in a conservative muslim family with strong morals I find myself trying to find modest pieces that look good (which living in the west can be difficult). Though I may not wear a hijab I still find it extremely important to dress modestly. This look, and many others in this collection, embodie what I want my style to say: I can be stylish in the western world and still embodie my morals and culture.

I am in love with the pearl details and tailoring of these three pieces!!

Love the salwar inspired pants and the gorgeous coat!

After seeing these four gorgeuos coats my goal is to attain a coat like one of these. I love the sparkle, shine, and stylish colors!

Must have the blazer!

 I love love love... these beautifally embilished pieces and the wieghtless chiffons.
Gorgeuos Buttons
Love the pants!

I liked the ease of these four pieces, I can see myself trekking away stylishly in these pieces.
Love this whole look, from the pearl details on the
sweater and scarf to the gorgreous coat with kundan buttons, tres luxe!
Tres Fierce!

Love the Blazer!!!

What girl doesnt want a bright pink trench!

I must comment on how I love that Lagerfeld added a dramatic pop of color with the pinks!

My fav take on the lace trend
 this season
I want this dress, modern, chick, and stylish

This dress is wieghtless and effortless as much as it is dramatic and stylish.
This suit was in the my favourite shade of over the top red and the embellishments paired with impeccable tailoring made it my kind of sophisticated.

Loved the collor piece with the gems paired with the beautifally tailored dress in this intricately detailed luxe fabric. Can you tell I want this dress!!!
These four pieces were gorgeous the cuts were flattering and dramatic. The details in reds, oranges, greens, and blues were inspired by the mugal era and made these pieces gorgeous. Having mugal ancestary I feel drawn to these pieces and their indo-inspired structure.
The pleats at the top of these dresses are gorgeous, there cut and silhouette  exude a fairytale quality. The look seems as if plucked out of a storybook description of a Rani.
Love the skirt!
So luxe!

Awesome mirror details

I loved the silhouettes of these numbers, they seemed inspired by the dramatic flowing cuts of the trendy Anarkali's. 

Loved the last dress, it was beautifally
draped and the high collar was beautiful.

A closer look:
The makeup seemed inspired by the dramatic eyes seen on indian and pakistani ramps. It's deffinately somthing I will be trying out. The gold nails were so opulent, deffinately searching for the perfect gold shade on my next shop. The jewelry was one of my favourite aspects of this show: pearls, kundan, silk tassles. I am a huge fan of jewelry so I was pleasantly suprised by all the beautiful pieces on the runway. The bags were gorgeuos they went from mirrored to metallic and to jewelled. They were magnificent! The sandals and boots were to die for, they jewelled and blinged out to the max! The Panjanglas(A piece of jewelry that looks like a gold glove), Tikkas, and Matha Pattis were absolutely gorgeous! I loved the fine details and how all these details cullimanated to make right type of over the top statement.

OMG these sandals were to die for!

Love the gloves!

The show by A

The five looks Lagerfeld showed in his collection, for men, definatley left me wanting more. The pieces were beautifally tailored and screamed of the luxe past of the indian subcontinent. From the rich silks to the accesories the looks were absolutely inspiring. 

I desperately want the top three looks, the long and short white jackets and the black and gold jacket were exquisite.

The venue, the Galerie Coube at the Grand Palais, was converted into a luxe Maharaja's palace for the show. Loving everything over the top and dramatic this was my type of entertaining and decorating. And the dinner was a delectable indo-inspired treat: mango-lassi, chai and, barfi being served with champagne and French macaroons. Deffinately some great take home ideas for the next time we entertain.

Image Credit: Chanel