Thursday, 19 January 2012

Reema Finaly Ties the Knot

The Pakistani starlet Reema has finally tied the knot with a US based cardiologist in an arranged marriage. Her message to young woman, for them to obey there elders as they think the best for them, was a great one. But what people have been dyeing to see is what she wore! Her outfits by HSY were absoluetly gorgeuos and decadent.  Her jewelry was traditional and opulent, the perfect amount not a lot and not to little. The wedding reception was held in the US. A major wtf(what the falooda!) to Meera on what she wore. A tan kimono? with brown boots and a cream coloured Chanel bag. She looked as if sent into her closet with her eyes shut and ordered to pull whatever came to hand. But anyways heres a inside look to the event.

Here are some pictures from the pre-reception events.