Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Style Obsession: Antique Sahtoosh and Pashmina Shawls

Currently I am obsessed with antique sahtoosh and pashmina shawls. I have always loved the shawls from my mothers trousseau, beautifully embroidered in deep colors and bold patterns. They are the perfect way to top a traditional outfit and a great substitute for a sweater. They are much more elegant and regal compared to a jacket and much more of a style statement compared to a sweater. I love the sentimental feel that antique sahtoosh and pashmina shawls possess. Below are some pictures of antique sahtoosh and pashmina shawls available at Saleem Fabrics.

Image Source: Mohsin Khawar Photography
Saleem Fabrics
Another great place to find antique pashmina and sahtoosh shawls is at Maharajas in Islamabad. Below are some pictures of socialite Suhair Khan at Maharajas and some of their gorgeous shawls. 

Image Source: Borderline Style by Suhair Khan