Saturday, 7 January 2012

PFDC Loreal Paris Bridal Week

  Umar Sayeed Finale with Fawad Khan and Mahira Kahn
Umar Sayeed
With the onset of PFDC Loreal Paris Pakistan Bridal Week S and I can't help but feel pride in how far the fashion industry in Pakitan has come. The current fashion scene in Pakistan is perhaps one of the broadest and most fruitful. The current cuts and shapes are flattering, majestic, and modest. Long flowing chiffon gowns and long traditional shirts, that display embroideries and fashions of the past and present, are absolutely breath taking.
 Below are some pictures from some of the shows. 

Umar Sayeed
Umar Sayeed's show definately was one of the best and most anticipated. It transported one to a far time and place. His show made me want to pull out my mothers trouseau saris and outfits, the show was a innovative take on the fashions of a bygone era.

The show from HSY was a bit odd, the bridal wear paired with polo gear was a weird inspiration. Though his collection was innovative and differant, as he always is, and his clothes were beautiful (though his styling may have been questionable).

 Maria B.
Maria B. displayed beautiful clothes that almost took on the persona of lucknows cultural past. Her clothes were fresh modern and still had a quality which was remniscent of the past. Her abillity to give her clothes a modern and traditional persona makes her one of my favourite designers in Pakistan right now, shes simply amazing!

Stay tuned for more of our favourite looks from this years PFDC Loreal Paris Pakistan Bridal Week.