Friday, 15 February 2013

Yes, I am Still Alive Loves!

Hi everyone, it has been a long time wow! I am so sorry for disappearing on everyone like that, I just got busy with life.  But I have never forgotten about my readers!  I have had ups and downs and I can say that I am stronger than ever.  I am ready to get back on documenting my my life, which is like a glamorous roller coaster and live to the fullest alongside the support from you all.  I had a long time to think of what I actually want to do, and what you guys would like to see so I have tons of ideas that you all will see in the near future.  I will be posting A LOT more often thats for sure, and I am starting a YouTube Channel! Yes I am super excited!
I'm not sure if you guys know, but I am a beautician. It's my job around school, I am also a full time student! On YouTube, there will be a lot of tutorials, on makeup, hair, nails, and DIYs.  Not to mention any reviews that will be requested.  But it all comes down to what you guys want to see so please dont hesitate to share what your interested in seeing, whatever it might be.  Also if you have any questions or concerns my email is If you want any help finding desi designers or anything else don't hesitate to contact me! So thats all for now, I will talk to you all very soon lovelies.